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Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders is a book that will pull you in right away! It was a very fast read and this is coming from someone that takes a moment to get into a book. The characters are interesting and you care about what happens to them. This is a sure sign of a tale told well! It reminds me of The Neverending Story and Harry Potter yet in this novel there is a spiritual element that is intriguing. Thank you Francesco Arnone! I am eagerly awaiting the next novel to find out what other adventures await Jesse!

– Monique Brandon, teacher


A must read! I really enjoyed entering into a wondrous world filled with aha moments. Couldn’t put the book down…..it just pulls you in yearning for more!

– Sylvia Ferrigno, CFO


Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders wastes no time delivering an immersive experience that opens the reader to a world full of vibrant characters and compelling scenarios. I tend to be picky about recommending books to friends unless I really enjoy them…but this one makes the list. I am eagerly anticipating the next entry in the series.

– Johan Aghevli, educator


This is a book I did not want to put down.  It made me think, and it opened my eyes to the world I would see if my mind had been liberated. Somehow I found comfort in it, and the hope that no matter how bad it gets, in the end, everything will make sense and everybody will be okay. I like the line”…life is a day at school, just another step towards graduation.” I look forward to continuing the journey, next to Jesse…

– Robert Shaw, cynophilist


Absolutely AMAZING!  A MUST READ. A friend of mine raved about Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders.  Although not my genre, I am happy I gave it a chance. A captivating adventure to the borders of reality, a continuous twist that allows a glimpse at the true powers of the human mind. I recommend this book to everyone, “absolutely fantastic”. I am happy there is a second book under work, too curious to know how the story will develop.

– Laura Chinaglia, manager


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