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About the Series


The JESUS SMITH SERIES tells about our journey towards God, a treacherous path on which we are confronted and tested by the forces of evil but that will ultimately lead to salvation.

Jesus “Jesse” Smith has the unique gift of liberating the minds of mankind, allowing them to access their full potential. Because of Jesse humans finally get the chance to a fair fight against the demons, in their quest to restore the Garden of Eden.

In each of the seven books of the series, Jesse and the” liberated ones” fight a demon master of one of the seven deadly sins: Belphegor (sloth), Leviathan (envy), Beelzebub (gluttony), Satan (anger), Mammon (greed) Asmodeus (lust), Lucifer (pride).

The series brings a message of hope and salvation, sugar coated by an epic tale of comradery and fellowship. It describes our existence as a natural process of purification instead of a meaningless race towards oblivion.

A father does not cripple his kids, especially God. Every sanction is temporary and is meant to teach, not to punish. Life is nothing but a day at school, just another step towards graduation.

Jesse is one of us, with his doubts and insecurity, but also with the greatness that comes with being a child of the Supreme Being.


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