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EXCERPT 9, from “Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders”.

“I am listening,” she said in a commanding voice.
“I have been assigned as your bodyguard,” continued the
dwarf. “It didn’t take me long to get the job, yet I barely made
it. One more minute and it would have been too late.”

Gaia was totally lost.
“I know, I know. I better start from the beginning.
You were the highest-ranking Gregorian guard when
Belphegor killed you. I immediately asked to be your
designated guardian in your next life, but one minute in
the second heaven is equal to ten years on Earth. Again,
I barely made it.”
Gaia’s bewilderment induced Cort to direct the conversation
to more immediate matters. “You will soon be
under attack. They want to kill Jesse!”
“Who’s Jesse?” Gaia heard herself asking, thunder
now punctuating their phrases, as if a grunting monster
was trying to scare them into silence.
“You will call him Jesus Smith, but the kid is not
going to like wearing such big shoes and will pick Jesse
instead. You see, he will call the shots.”
“Who wants to kill Jesse?” Gaia needed to ask, somehow
already familiar with her unborn son’s nickname.
“Why do they want to kill my son?” she continued, wanting
to hit something…


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