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What if we could read minds? What if we have always been and will always be?  

Is life really this incomprehensible interval in the Void or is it part of a bigger picture?  Will we ever find out?

EXCERPT , from “Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders”.

…”Yes, I can read your thoughts. You will soon remember how to read mine.”

She wanted to talk but remained silent. Many questions were competing to come out first, but there was no winner.”

“Please say something,” encouraged Cort. “Your appearance is quite different, but your voice sounds just as I remembered it.”

Gaia thought fast. She had found the dwarf’s performance quite impressive. For a moment, she even believed he had read her mind.  She concluded he was just trying to buy some time.

“I don’t have much to offer, but you can take some bread and cheese on your way out.”

The dwarf shook his head and then locked on her with his piercing gray eyes. “I don’t want to sound rude, but I am not going anywhere.  I am here to make sure you and the boy will be OK!”


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