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Trading innocence for knowledge is the worst deal ever made by humanity!

What is the point at crawling when we were given wings?

We were God’s companions, stewards of the world, granted to partake of the fruits of every tree in the Garden of Eden, with the only exception of those from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

We needed not to know, as the whole world had already been gifted to us, yet we chose to listen to the serpent, crawling over flying, and we still perpetuate the same deadly mistake today.

Technology is the chosen way, even if it often means pollution and a world that keeps picking up speed, to the point that our lives are progressively turned into a meaningless blur, with a lot “to do” but no time “to be”.

Our disobedience and ingratitude lost us the Garden of Eden, which is exactly what we keep doing today, by failing to appreciate the gifts already in our lives, and by scarring our planet with asphalt and cement.

The Amazon Forest is under attack by the greed of a few, and many medicinal plants are disappearing for ever.  I wonder if it ever occurs to these lost souls that trees are the longs of our planet, and that they cannot breathe money.

“More” caused us to lose “better”, in a foolish race towards nowhere, often to obtain what we don’t even need.  There were no paved road in the Garden on Eden; after all,  there is no need to go faster when you have eternity.

It is not late to find the way back home, but first we must slow down, stop, and change direction.  Instead of trying to bend nature to our will we must relearn respect and appreciation.

Instead of keeping looking outside we need to travel inward, talk to God in prayer and listen to God while in meditation.  Everyday is a new challenge but also a new opportunity to get it right.

Every honest choice, any act of kindness, any selfless decision are steps in the right direction.  Let’s start from something simple, it doesn’t take much.  Little steps are just fine, if in the right direction.


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