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Allow time for being, instead of just doing!  It is so easy to get caught in the rat-race and forget why we are in it to begin with.  Whatever destination we have chosen, the journey remains the bigger part of our life, to the point that the journey is our life.  It just makes sense to make the journey a happy one, with some good, old wisdom tips.

How many times we heard the proverbial “thank God is Friday…” even though Monday is already is site, as the door to another week and another struggle to make it to… Friday??? What about we defeat the “thank God is Friday” attitude by creating many little islands of peace each day?

It is easier than many might think; all it takes is pacing and choosing.  If you are working countless hours at a desk, stand-stretch and walk around for 5 minutes or so each hour.  Your health, overall energy, and work performance too, will benefit from it.

Turn your lunch break into a peaceful moment by looking for a quieter spot that will facilitate nourishing your body “and” your soul.  Say thank you for what you have and plant the seed of a greater harvest.

Once back home, have fun at creating your sanctuary, a blessed retreat where to read, listen to music, stretch or simply take a nap.  A comfortable chair, a dimmer, a small table and a flower can spark the magic…

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