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Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders

Born to unlock the full potential of our minds

Novel One Jesus Smith Series

The belief that there is true magic in our everyday life sparked the idea for “Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders”, a novel and a new approach to three essential questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

God got lonely after creating the universe! Wanting to share the wonder of creation with a companion, he first forges the angels, but in their power and pride, many follow Lucifer into rebellion. Trying again, He molds mankind, only to see them choose knowledge over innocence.

Casting mankind from the Garden of Eden, God locks their minds in punishment, so they can only access a fraction of their true potential, yet He still waits for the one among them to break through the Divine barrier and prove worthy of being God’s true companion.

Twelve-year-old Jesus “Jesse” Smith knows nothing of this. He’s just an ordinary boy getting into mischief in the Roman countryside.

He’s watched over by his mother Gaia and Cort, the mysterious dwarf who acts as Jesse’s surrogate father.

Jesse’s existence takes a sharp turn as he defends Serafino, a mute church custodian, from assault. By simply touching the man’s head he inadvertently liberates him from God’s mental lock, allowing him to talk and retrieve unusual faculties. Serafino becomes the first of a new order.

The balance is broken and ancient forces get in the way of the unprecedented anomaly. Both God and Evil want us ignorant, but Jesse claims the right to a second chance for mankind.

Many supernatural events take place, yet common people remain oblivious to them, and to the horde of lost souls that swarms the countryside with a single goal: the destruction of Jesse on behalf of their lord Belphegor.

Is this really not supposed to happen or is Jesse part of God’s original design? Will Jesse and the “liberated ones” be wiped away or will they be able to restore The Garden of Eden?

A story of hope and salvation, about man’s potential and his relationship with God, Jesus Smith and the Ordinary Wonders combines the magic of J.K. Rowling with the ecclesiastical thrillers of Dan Brown.


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